Hold on, laptops may NOT be bad for learning

Around a month ago, a corner of my Twitterverse erupted with a study that indicated that laptops in the classroom discourage learning. Titled “The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard“, one could easily conclude it best to have students close their screens and pick up a pencil if you wanted more retention in your sit and […]

When Binary Decisions Are Elusive

modern car interior back to the future movie reference

Decision processes intrigue me especially as I’ve moved into positions that require far more complex decisions on issues that have larger impact. There is the self-reflective part of the process – why do I make the decisions I make – that I’m examining through the most excellent book Thinking, Fast and Slow (and if ever […]

I Like It’s Simplicity: OKRs

Slate has a short write up on Google’s internal grading system and I’m intrigued. They’re called Objectives and Key Results and their simplicity appeals to me, especially given the amorphous nature of this wonderful job. This Is the Internal Grading System Google Uses for Its Employees, and You Shoul http://t.co/taKp5p5gAR — Zachary Vander Veen (@zjvv77) […]

New Year Goals: 2013

Because it’s always a good thing to write down. 1. Write More Always number one on the list. To be honest, 2012 wasn’t too bad of a year, especially given the fact that I started a new job. That said, I want to write (blogging or otherwise) 5 times a week. By the end of […]

The Art of Web Design

There are rules, guidelines at the very least. You can’t just create something the morning of class, pick your favorite colors, throw in some clip art or stolen Google image search results and expect magic. Aesthetics matter. We live in the world of screen. Our students live in the world of interactive, clamoring for attention, screen. Not paper. Paper […]

Connecting with the Creative

There are some 7.2 million teachers in the United States. Some are good, some are bad. Some are luddites and some are patiently waiting the singularity. The biggest trick for me, as a teacher (or in my current case, semi-teacher), is to connect with other creative educators who think outside the box. In the past […]