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Gotcha Day. 2023.

It is essential that every father pause and reflect on anniversaries of importance for their children if only to find humor and purpose in the

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Innovation and Outcomes

A truism of entrepreneurship: You will wear a lot of hats. It’s the start of the year and I want to kick things off with a reflection on titles. I have a new one.

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Platform Housekeeping

I do some cleanup during the New Year break. Both my actual writing and the frameworks and practices of writing. This past week I moved back to WordPress after using Ghost for a few years.

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On Arming Ohio Teachers

Today, Ohio’s governor Mike Dewine signed a law that allows most staff (including teachers) to carry a gun at school. This is an update to the current law which allowed teachers to carry a gun in schools if they had 728 hours of training.

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On the Power of Brother-In-Laws

Quick note on the power of brother-in-laws and the lifelines they bring. I love all my broinlaws (every one of them is quite amazing in their own way) and, having grown up with no brothers, find them all to be amazing blessings.

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