New Year Goals: 2013

Because it’s always a good thing to write down.

1. Write More

Always number one on the list. To be honest, 2012 wasn’t too bad of a year, especially given the fact that I started a new job. That said, I want to write (blogging or otherwise) 5 times a week. By the end of the year I’d like to have at least 180 posts on ArdenLane or MisterV. Keeping the fingers crossed.

2. Practice and Encourage Gentleness and Patience

These are virtues as a father that I always want to build. I don’t have super trying children (although at times they can be difficult), but they grow slowly and steadily with a gentle and patient hand.

These are all virtues I so want my daughters to have as well. Live by practice.

3. Increase Discipline

There is, to some extent, more freedom that comes with more responsibility. My new job requires a steady discipline of focus and a strong dose of self-control in achieving (and setting) goals. In this day and age this sometimes feels ever more difficult (what with tweets, emails, gchats and headline feeds), so I’m adding it to the goals list this year. Practical discipline.

4. Learn HTML5 and JavaScript

I already know decent bits and pieces of both. The goal is further the knowledge.

5. Develop Leadership Skills

To be honest, adult leadership has never really been a focus. Now, as a Director, it’s front and center. I always did pretty well at getting my students to follow me…working with teachers and administrators is a different matter. There’s much to learn here.

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