OETC Presentation: OER (From Creation to Delivery)

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(Presentation given at OETC18) Open Education Resources leverage the expertise of educators to develop and deliver high-quality content to students. This session will cover a framework for implementing OERs in a district. It’s a bit expansive, but we want to provide a general idea of the work involved with creating OERs. Talk To Us! Please […]

Creating Online Workflows for Education

Intro | Define the Problem Any complex organization will feature many processes of branched decision making. Substitute requests, vacation leaves, textbook assignments, payroll changes, are all common examples of process we face in education. As much as possible, we’d like to automate these processes in order to create efficiencies and simplicity. Also, we’re nerds and […]

Facebook, Trust Engineers, and 1 Billion People

On August 24 , 1 billion people accessed Facebook on the same day. That’s 1/7 of the world’s population. This bears a moment of contemplation and question: What does it mean when 1/7 of the world logs into the same the site on the same day? This isn’t a scaremongering post or a melancholy reflection […]

Principles of Design

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An Explanation Developing good online instruction takes attention to sound design principles. When I first started placing my resources online for students I often got confused emails from them or their parents wondering how the navigation and structure of online courses functioned. Not good. But I got better. Broadly, I learned how to design strong […]

BYOD: A Framework

Some Context Oak Hills opened their high school campus to student devices in the fall of 2010. I was a central part of the team that developed a framework for implementing BYOD. The purpose of this series of links is to share what I’ve learned as well as provide a framework for other districts to […]

eTextbooks: A Framework

Portfolio Context eTextbooks is framework we’ve explored in Oak Hills for developing online textbooks on any device. This presentation was held for eTech 2012. I presented with my wife, Renee Vander Veen. Introduction We teachers create a lot of our own material. We create supplementals to the 1o year old, beaten up textbooks. We search YouTube to […]