Hybrid Courses

Defining Hybrid Courses Hybrid courses can follow a number of different models. The model we’ve piloted at Oak Hills is along the lines of a blocked schedule. For example, a student’s first bell may look like this: Monday and Thursday: English 1 Tuesday and Friday: World History Wednesday is a study hall where teachers are […]

Online Courses

One of my current job responsibilities (indeed, one of the more exciting hats I wear at the district) is to develop pure online courses. We define online courses at Oak Hills as typically asynchronous and completed outside of a brick and mortar classroom. Students may meet face to face occasionally with their teachers (the most common […]

Google Apps (District Transition)

In school year 2011 Oak Hills made a full transition to Google Apps for Education (GAFE). In addition to an administrative role (I was an administrator of our GAFE account), I was part of a team that provided a considerable amount of training to district staff. What is Google Apps for Education? Why Move to […]

eKids ([email protected])

Photo by Lonely Planet on Unsplash

eKids is a relatively new program we’ve started at Oak Hills that aims to engage and excite students who are interested in technology and its integration in every day life. There a many goals with the eKids program: Engage students who have an affinity towards technology Assist peers AND staff in using and understanding technology […]

Cicero’s Kids

An Explanation Cicero’s Kids was a class blog maintained by my honor students. The blog uses WordPress as its platform. WordPress allowed me to give students varying permissions. They could write posts and make comments on posts, but these comments and posts wouldn’t appear on the web until I approved them. WordPress is easy for […]

Corrective Actions (PHP Scripting)

Corrective Actions System An Explanation Corrective Actions System is not a teaching tool, rather it provides support for teachers and administrators to keep track of students and their associated corrective actions. In essence, the CA System is part of a discipline management system. A Solution to a Need Our school used a confusing, paper based […]