eTextbooks: A Framework

Portfolio Context eTextbooks is framework we’ve explored in Oak Hills for developing online textbooks on any device. This presentation was held for eTech 2012. I presented with my wife, Renee Vander Veen. Introduction We […]

Hybrid Courses

Defining Hybrid Courses Hybrid courses can follow a number of different models. The model we’ve piloted at Oak Hills is along the lines of a blocked schedule. For example, a student’s first bell may […]

Online Courses

One of my current job responsibilities (indeed, one of the more exciting hats I wear at the district) is to develop pure online courses. We define online courses at Oak Hills as typically asynchronous and […]

Google Apps (District Transition)

In school year 2011 Oak Hills made a full transition to Google Apps for Education (GAFE). In addition to an administrative role (I was an administrator of our GAFE account), I was part of […]

eKids ([email protected])

eKids is a relatively new program we’ve started at Oak Hills that aims to engage and excite students who are interested in technology and its integration in every day life. There a many goals […]

Cicero’s Kids

An Explanation Cicero’s Kids was a class blog maintained by my honor students. The blog uses WordPress as its platform. WordPress allowed me to give students varying permissions. They could write posts and make […]