A Year End Review for the 2019 Goals

As I gear up for the annual posting of goals, it’s time to start a new tradition of reflecting how I did in the past year’s goals.

On Writing More

For the first time ever, I feel like I hit this goal. Granted, much of the writing happened in Abre Land. I didn’t land 500 words a day. But I definitely spent a substantial amount of time tapping away in markdown.

Bonus discovery this year: The Method of Writing

  1. Plan with a simple Google Sheet (the content creation sheet).
  2. Outline with Dynalist.
  3. Write in the beautiful “Bear” app.
  4. Edit in Grammarly (paid version).
  5. Peer Edit in Google Docs (when required).
  6. Post

The magic really happens with Dynalist and Bear.

Blissed Out Distractions

I rarely hit up Facebook. But a mild addiction to Twitter emerged this year. I’m still addicted to newsfeeds. Overall, I would consider this a fail.

On Reading More Things to Grow

Mild to tepid success. I did tackle a few good non-fiction. I read Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. I took some solid side tours with John Dewey. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Jonathan Haidt, Nicholas Christakis, and Yuval Noah Harari made the stack.

But overall, this needs to get better in 2020.

Be a Goofy Father. Make my Kids Laugh.

I don’t think I did this well at all. I do have a lot of memories of goofing around with the kids (especially at the dinner table), but not near enough. If I’m being honest, I would say I had more success with daughters in this area and less with my son. That needs improvement.

Learn Javascript

Didn’t happen.

Grow Friendships

Moderate success. I have a group of close guy friends that I feel very blessed to have. We’re right about meeting regularly and talking about things that matter. We’re still consumed by our children (and to some extent, our jobs).

As far as couple friends, this is an area that needs to develop.


Moderate success as well. While not as engrained as a habit as I would like, I did frequently meditate this past year. Monica joined me as well – just not to the degree I would like to see.

Exercise Daily

Success! Sort of. Maybe not every day, but consistently and often. I honestly feel the healthiest I’ve felt in all my adulthood.

Grow Abre


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