Goals for 2019

Write. More. As usual. Aim for 500 words a day. They may be crap, but get the quantity down and grow the muscle.

Stop the blissout on distractions. You are too addicted to newsfeeds, Flipboard, articles and the like. Facebook creeps up too often – and Facebook is the definition of creepy.

Read things that will make you grow. This means more non-fiction. This means more philosophy. This means long form fiction – not the tidbit junk articles that fill the time but don’t give depth.

Make your kids laugh more. Be a goofy father. They need to see the goof.

Chill with Renee. Our kids consume us. We need an unwinding of the day in each other’s arms.

Learn javascript. At least a little.

Grow friendships. Again, kids consume. Spend more time heading down to the local bar, dinner, coffee shop and chill with friends. We live in such a great community. Create depth.

Meditate daily. Bring Monica into the habit as well.

Exercise daily. Shed a few pounds. Get the energy levels growing. You’re 41 one now. The body needs to grow in the best ways possible.

Grow Abre. In all the many ways.

Here’s to 2019. May it be a wonderful year.

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