The Goals. 2021

In no particular order, but grouped accordingly, my goals for 2021.

Goals for 2019

Write. More. As usual. Aim for 500 words a day. They may be crap, but get the quantity down and grow the muscle. Stop the blissout on distractions. You are too addicted to newsfeeds, Flipboard, articles and the like. Facebook creeps up too often – and Facebook is the definition of creepy. Read things that […]

New Year Goals: 2015

Because, as always, it’s good to write them down. Write More A few months ago my mom brought me my last box of childhood stuff. Sifting through it with my daughters (who found the box fascinating – especially the many sketchpads full of drawings), a few thoughts really stood out. I really was a fine […]

Wait – February?

I used to post on this blog every 2 weeks (at the very least). What happened? To be blunt: my job got really really busy. And that isn’t a complaint. I love my job immensly. It’s awesome. But I haven’t spent much time sharing observations and articles because, well, I haven’t had time. Today I […]