Diverse Experience

I’m working my way through David Epstein’s excellent book “Range”. The challenge we all face is how to maintain the benefits of breadth, diverse experience, interdisciplinary thinking, and delayed concerntration in a world that increasingly incentivizes, even demands, hyperspecialization. David Epstein. Introduction of Range I’m savoring this book as it’s helping me solve a particular […]

Second Chances

Second Chance

A late summer sinus coded hit me upside the head this weekend. While I still managed to cut a small forest down in our side yard (a to-do list is a to-do list), Sunday was a feet-up chill day while binging on Netflix and a full backlog of Economist magazines. Which brings me to the […]

Cornbread & Capitalism

Cornbread Capitalism

A round up of the week of learning. From the purpose of capitalism to a flowchart of independence.