Cornbread & Capitalism

Recode / Decode

Kara Swischer interviews James O’Toole who wrote “The Enlightened Capitalist.” What is the purpose of a company? To increase its value (at any cost) for shareholders? A great listen.

I suspect our current (at least in the United States) view of this is not sustainable.

How does seed investing work?

Cap Tables, Share Structures, Valuations, Oh My! A Case Study of Early-Stage Funding. A fun little primer for those of us who are coming out of education.

What Happens to Tech Workers When Their Skills Become Obsolete?

They do quite well. Because the skills translate. This is a fun study of the death of flash and its impact on developers.

What concerns me: This works (I suspect) with high cognitive jobs. What about other areas of the workforce?

Can I Put Apples in Cornbread?

Yes. So learned this week. And it was quite good.

Here’s a handy flowchart of independence that can be used with Children

Thank you Dan Willingham! You’re my hero in so many things.

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