The first substantial book I read was the Value Tales. It was the Value of Patience (the Wright Brothers). I read the book to my sister Anna. I’m quite certain I botched most of the words. But I got from cover to cover. The first chapter book I read was The Boxcar Children (1st or 2nd […]

Do what you love

I grew up Dutch Reformed which, besides being its own particular flavor of Christianity, is also a culture. Lots of strong families, strong work ethics, and strong community support. The food runs bland, the faith runs studious, and on Sundays you made sure not to mow the yard for fear that the neighbors might think […]

Four Stages of Introducing New Technology

Slate is running a great future-tense piece on how society reacts to new technology. Briefly, Brian Johnson qualifies this reaction into four steps: It will kill us all! It will steal my daughter! I’ll never use it! What are you going on about? I’m usually on step 4…although I am very suspicious that my iPad […]