Platform Housekeeping

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I do some cleanup during the New Year break. Both my actual writing and the frameworks and practices of writing. This past week I moved back to WordPress after using Ghost for a few years.

OSBA Presentation: Beyond Chromebooks – Abre

Open for Learning Abre is a software platform that allows schools to manage and distribute web-based software to staff, students, and parents. Abre provides an ecosystem of software applications to help administrators, teachers, students and parents focus on education. Abre Grew from a Need We wanted to spend less time jumping through hoops and more […]

eBook Issue in a Nutshell

From the Guardian: The issue, it seems, boils down to two things – does a reader own an ebook, or the licence to read an ebook? What answer makes the most sense for schools? Or does it simply come down to the dollars?

APIs, Code, and Using English in Documentation

I am not, by any means, a capable coder. I can put together some basic scripts, but nothing complex. A complete novice in other words. But I like to try and figure things out. Which is why this observation from the Atlantic made me nod my head in agreement (“The Real Reason Silicon Valley Coders Write Bad […]

Visual Data

Numbers tell stories*. The difficulty is in getting them to do so in a way that humans understand. A side project (feasible?) I’m currently working on for work is a functional, real time data dashboard. In my mind I can picture the end result of a dashboard that serves up relevant and understandable data that […]