Facebook, Trust Engineers, and 1 Billion People

On August 24 , 1 billion people accessed Facebook on the same day. That’s 1/7 of the world’s population. This bears a moment of contemplation and question: What does it mean when 1/7 of the world logs into the same the site on the same day? This isn’t a scaremongering post or a melancholy reflection […]

When Binary Decisions Are Elusive

modern car interior back to the future movie reference

Decision processes intrigue me especially as I’ve moved into positions that require far more complex decisions on issues that have larger impact. There is the self-reflective part of the process – why do I make the decisions I make – that I’m examining through the most excellent book Thinking, Fast and Slow (and if ever […]

Online Education and Seeing Her Flaws

When I first fell in love with online education my vision, which, I suppose, is normal at the start of any relationship, became exceptionally myopic. I’d develop some crazy fun and brilliantly educational lesson in Moodle, my students (most of them) would stay engaged, become rock stars, and ace every short cycle or state test […]

Video, PD, and Conferencing

Sometime in the future I plan to get into the fine points of creating and using video for class (and peer) instruction. I’m still in the experimental stages, but have definitely been convinced of the handiness of some basic video editing software, a flip video, and the ever handy vimeo.com. Personal geek hero of mine, […]

The Obsessive Permission Culture

I found this embedded on Karl Fischs’ wonderful blog “The Fischbowl” and it pertains to side conversations we’re having in our district. What’s interesting is that our conversations have focused more on the question of “who owns the content”? That is, who owns, who can copyright, content developed by teachers and used with their students? […]

Tacky but Effective?

Dan Myer opines that stock photo + quote = tacky lameness. I suppose from a purely intellectual stance he might have a point. But sometimes we teachers love tackiness. Scott Mcleod, technoedu evangalist supreme apostle, puts one up every week. Monday’s feature: