Best Mind Mapping Software

I’ve fiddled with the software called Freemind from year to year and, while being impressed with its abilities, never got around to using it with any kind of regularity. That changed at the end of last year. I created a mindmap of everything needed in 8th grade social studies (check out the fun here). Then […]

Wait – Carrots and Sticks don’t Work?

Daniel Pink gave an interesting TED talk on the science of motivation, particularly motivation in a world that places high value on right brain conceptual abilities. To lift the main idea: As long as the task involved mechanical skill, bonuses worked as they would be expected: the higher the pay, the better the performance. But […]

MultiTasking Bad for the Brain

While teaching in the classroom I was used to being pretty sequential. Focus on the task on hand, execute it, reflect, move on. This new job is an intellectual helterskelter. I’m constantly juggling 5 or 6 ideas in my head (and trying to follow up them) at once. Multitasking the follow through. Bad idea. Concrete […]