Focus: Helping Students with Classroom Distractions

proposals Apr 29, 2015

Abre’s Focus App provides a secure browser experience for classroom instruction.

An Example

During Guided Practice, my students complete a close reading of John Smith’s account of his voyage to Jamestown. After the reading, they participate in an online discussion using Google Classroom.

My students use Abre’s Focus App during the activities. Focus allows me to curate the websites for my students. My students can only visit those websites and can’t wander the corners of the internet.

Abre saves me time setting up digital classwork.  I can focus more on my students instead of anchored to my laptop monitoring students.

Tour Gif

How this Works

Create a Guided Lesson

Teachers can list the websites they want their students to visit. Teachers can also set permission levels on websites visited – from least to most restrictive.

Kiosk App for Chromebooks. Extension for all else.

Students launch Focus with a code. Once launched, they can only visit the websites approved by their teacher.

Split Screen Favorites

Students can split screen between two websites for dual focus skills. For example, when using a Google Doc while reading primary text.

Split Screen
Split Screen







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