Lesson Plans: March 2-6

This week we have extra long classes due to the fact that 6th and 7th grade are testing. We also have a rather large Anchor C test. This test will cover the main concepts of Manifest Destiny and the Industrial Revolution.

So the intent of this week is review as well as begin a Causes of the Civil War Project.

Objectives: History 8 & 9 (Civil War and Reconstruction)


  1. WU
  2. Quiz
  3. Review Sheet: Anchor C Test
  4. Movie Clip


  1. WU
  2. Quiz
  3. Finish Review Sheet
  4. Continue Movie Clip


  1. WU
  2. Explanation of “Causes of the Civil War” Project
  3. Begin “Causes of the Civil War
  4. Jeopardy Game: Review for Anchor C


  1. In the Lab for the test. Moodle
  2. Level 1 class – work on papers


  • In the Lab: Continue Project

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