Lesson Plans: Oct. 13-17

This is a big week this week. All classes will have Anchor Tests! Consequently, the 8th grade will test in the morning (a subject every day) and have shortened classes in the afternoon.

The Social Studies Anchor Test is Friday.

You will have homework every day this week. The homework is simple. Every night you’ll have 5 to 10 questions you’ll need to answer. You will use your notes to find the answers.

It is important to do the homework this week. Not only will it be a grade, but it will also prepare you for Friday’s test.

Objectives for the Week: To review all the objectives we covered so far!

October 13

  1. WU
  2. Jeopardy Project
  3. Homework

October 14

  1. WU
  2. Finish and Generate Jeopardy Project
  3. Pass out Review Sheet
  4. Homework

October 15

  1. WU
  2. Finish and Conclude Review Sheet
  3. Homework

October 16

  1. WU
  2. Play Jeopardy!
  3. Homework
  4. Any Loose Ends?

October 17

  • Big Test #2: The Anchor A

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