LP: May 19-23

This is a busy week. We have a number of field trips and other interruptions. Still, we’re pretty much sticking to the same game plan.

Objectives: Geo 8:1,2,3 Hist 8:3

Week Schedule:

  • Warm Up
  • Current Events and Discussion
  • Frontier House: Watching and Discussing
  • Frontier Journal

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An image of a whiteboard with faint traces of previous writings and diagrams, creating a visually distracting pattern. The whiteboard is in an office

Attention on a Hazzy Whiteboard

Switching attention leaves residue. Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming through that residue. The schemas I’m holding need focused and sustained attention, and the cludgy remnants of previous mental states and distractions makes the thinking I enjoy turn into thinking that is exhausting (and poorly done).

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