Lesson Plans: Week of May 7th

Testing is finished and we’re wrapping up the last few weeks of the year. This week we’ll conclude our study of the Renaissance/Reformation (and take a test!). We’ll also start a wonderful section on a period of time called the “Enlightenment”.

Objectives: P-A&C; H-C; G-A; C-B; S-B,C,A;

Date What We’re Doing in class Homework
5/7 Finish warm up
  • WU
  • Introduce the concept of the Enlightenment: Group Work
  • United Streaming Video
Reading on Henry the VIII
  • WU
  • Review for Thursday’s Test
  • Game
Study for test
  • WU
  • Test (covers Renaissance and Reformation) – on Moodle
  • WU
  • Moodle: Topic 20


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