This Year’s Teacher Toolkit


My family loves toolkits. Toolkits for emotions, toolkits for sports, toolkits for marriage, toolkits for friendships, literal toolkits for plumbing. When one of us pulls through some crisis moment, we’re all inclined to ask, “that was awesome; what tool did you use?” Toolkits are the practical answer to moving through life prepared. The environment can […]

A little bit of a bonus for continual fear.

Leviathan - Thomas Hobbes

Back in 2001, Houston Independent School District gave me a $10,000 sign on bonus to teach history. History. The story of the past. An exploration of causes that explain our present and, hopefully, a method to peer into a glimmer of the world we’re creating. I loved teaching history. My most memorable class featured a […]

Simple Observations on Teaching

Today was the first day of school for my daughters (1st and 2nd grade). When I asked how their first day went my youngest, Kelly, gave an ethusiastic nod and said: Good! My teacher is nice! She’s so, so, so nice. I’m so happy to be in her class. There you have it. What matters […]