Teacher Feedback VS Machine Feedback

Do students prefer to learn from a machine? A bit of a professional disclaimer to this week’s geek study. I do not believe that technology is ever an effective substitute for good teaching (and this is a belief rooted in quite a few empirical studies as well). Technology is a tool. My interest is how tools […]

The Role of Chance in Outcomes

Are the successes in my life a result of ability (the quality I produce) or chance? NPR kicked off a story about the Mona Lisa. It’s a popular painting – the most popular painting. Each year thousands swarm the Louvre in Paris to get a glimpse of her enigmatic smile. The Mona Lisa is famous. But […]

I Like It’s Simplicity: OKRs

Slate has a short write up on Google’s internal grading system and I’m intrigued. They’re called Objectives and Key Results and their simplicity appeals to me, especially given the amorphous nature of this wonderful job. This Is the Internal Grading System Google Uses for Its Employees, and You Shoul http://t.co/taKp5p5gAR — Zachary Vander Veen (@zjvv77) […]

Questions for January

Heading into January, here are a few of the questions I’ll be wrestling with professionally and personally professionally. Hopefully I’ll post about some of the search for answers. What is a fair cost for Chromebook support? I’m in the process of writing an RFP for IT services and this is a pretty critical question as […]

The Ever Familiar Screen of eRate

I’ve come to expect server errors when completing eRate forms. At least I’m not applying for healthcare. Please government, hire Jack Dorsey. And change procurement processes.

Letting Career Passion Follow You

The NYT features a great article by Cal Newport. The key takeaways: As I considered my options during my senior year of college, I knew all about this Cult of Passion and its demands. But I chose to ignore it. The alternative career philosophy that drove me is based on this simple premise: The traits […]