Link Post: February 19

Grand Unified Theory of N00bs…an incredible article on people who just don’t get basic computer concepts. This one’s important from a school district’s perspective (as in how the district interacts with the community). Additionally, part of the article very thoughtfully tackles why computer education in schools is terrible (for a bit more of my 2 […]

Annotated Link Post: December 14

6 Practical Reasons why Art Ed is Important…written by my personal brain/education hero, Dan Willingham. Horses out the barn…in which Doug Johnson lists trends in education that are becoming reality. Very well said. More Honor Students are going to Community Colleges…because you can save a boatload of money. Another example of how economics are changing […]

Annotated Link Post: November 23rd

Who owns the lesson plans?…a NY Times article that details the budding market place of teacher lesson plans. Hmmm, wonder how much I could get for my American History PPTs? Robert Cringley joins other prophets in predicting the downfall of post-2ndary education…great quote: “What drives the education industry is producing degrees while what drives the […]

Annotated Post: November 13th

Copyright laws hinder scholarship…actually, the article gets a bit more pointed and says it’s “destructive”. Will Science and Engineering be a Good Career?…an incredibly fascinating article that points out that – contrary to public perception – the US has NOT been declining in the number of students who perform well in math and science. The […]

Annotated Links Post: November 6

Neither snow nor rain…nor tonsils…skyping into your class while staying home with a sick child. College for $99 a month…yet another article that thinks universities are in for some MAJOR changes in the future. Google Wave…a report on a Wave that discusses the use of Wave for students…I still don’t get the draw. Public Universities […]

Education Link Post

Web Technology is about to change education…in which Russel Moench argues why technology is the giant that will finally change education. Online degrees viewed more favorably…it’s not just shopping for a piece of paper! The Whitehouse expects 250,ooo education jobs will be saved or created with the stimulus…some might say it’s socialism, but I’m happy […]