On My Elders and Mentors


I’ve reached the unfortunate age where some of my childhood mentors and elders are starting to pass away.
This is life. I find these moments to inspire a bit of quiet introspection. It’s good to grab and hold onto gratitude.

Poll Working

This 2020 election, I worked the polls. Here are some fun observations.

This Year’s Teacher Toolkit


My family loves toolkits. Toolkits for emotions, toolkits for sports, toolkits for marriage, toolkits for friendships, literal toolkits for plumbing. When one of us pulls through some crisis moment, we’re all inclined to ask, “that was awesome; what tool did you use?” Toolkits are the practical answer to moving through life prepared. The environment can […]

The Last Lake Swim

It was a red flag morning, and the waves were quite spectacular, but Lake Michigan wasn’t so cold as to be bracing. I waded up to my shins (any further and the undertow became frightening) and did a quick dunk. The final lake swim of 2020