Excellent quote on Instagram

From NY Times: That’s because Instagram isn’t about reality – it’s about a well-crafted fantasy, a highlights reel of your life that shows off versions of yourself that you want to remember and put on display in a glass case for other people to admire and browse through. So very true. Instagram is nostalgia, the filter to […]

Parent Guide to Web Video

I’m not a parent (yet), but friends tell me about the wonderful world of YouTube for their children. Want that “rubber ducky” song from Bert and Ernie? Find it on YouTube. You’re child has a fascination with raccoons? Find some interesting clips about them in nature. In short, you have more control over what you […]

Just bring your own

We’ll get to the point – eventually – when we’ll simply tell our students to bring their own wireless devices (laptop, iPod touch, etc.) and hop on the school network. I would guess that many students (not to mention teachers) would leap at the opportunity to use their own machines. Of course, there are security […]