Online Education and Seeing Her Flaws

When I first fell in love with online education my vision, which, I suppose, is normal at the start of any relationship, became exceptionally myopic. I’d develop some crazy fun and brilliantly educational lesson in Moodle, my students (most of them) would stay engaged, become rock stars, and ace every short cycle or state test […]

Responsive Web Design

The Context & The Problem We’re a “bring your own device” district. What this means is that we’ve the wild west of screen sizes. Smartphones, at their best, are 800 by 600 pixels (ignore Samsung’s odd experiment). Netbooks (which we have at the middle schools) are 1024 in width with some goofy height. And then […]

Online Learning: Challenges & Issues

This year is the first year we’ve piloted a purely online (developed in-house, sort of) course. The course is health, and currently we have 60+ students in 3 classes. Because it’s a pilot, it’s obviously a learning experience. This semester I plan to blog about what we learn, what works, what doesn’t work, what challenges […]

what should be

My conversations with colleagues and parents sometimes get into what computer skills schools should teach students. The conversations are almost always contain this bit of dialogue. “We need to have Microsoft Office on student computers?” “Why?” “Because they’ll need it when they get into the real world.” Setting aside the fact that we have no […]

Using Scenarios in eLearning

Great presentation that summarizes much of the information I’m finding with eLearning. From Cathy Moore’s site “making change“. How to save the world with elearning scenarios View more documents from Cathy Moore.