Online Education and Seeing Her Flaws

When I first fell in love with online education my vision, which, I suppose, is normal at the start of any relationship, became exceptionally myopic. I’d develop some crazy fun and brilliantly educational lesson in Moodle, my students (most of them) would stay engaged, become rock stars, and ace every short cycle or state test […]

I Always Tried to Use Chicago Style

Technology creates anachronisms faster than we educators understand and realize. Take the citation as an example. In high school I turned in papers MLA style (make sure to get the commas in the correct place). For graduate school it was ALA. For my undergraduate senior thesis I went with Chicago Style if only because it […]

The Ever Familiar Screen of eRate

I’ve come to expect server errors when completing eRate forms. At least I’m not applying for healthcare. Please government, hire Jack Dorsey. And change procurement processes.

The Cursive Handwriting Debate

…which, in my opinion, is really a variation of the argument “I learned this when I was in school and I turned out fine.” North Carolina may be in the process of passing a bill (called “Back to the Basics”) that would mandate mastery of cursive by the 5th grade and memorization of time tables. […]

School Domain Names

For a significant portion of time, school districts in United States lived with crazy domain names. For example, Hamilton City used to have the following domain name: The reasons for this (I think) were: This domain was free (free is always considered good) In geeky, folder, index engineering minds this naming convention made a […]