Gotcha Day. 2023.

Renee. Kelly. Monica.

It is essential that every father pause and reflect on anniversaries of importance for their children if only to find humor and purpose in the 8 text messages from their daughters asking, “what’s for dinner, it’s our gotcha day, why aren’t we going to Green Papaya?” Green Papaya was not on the menu. I made […]

On the Power of Brother-In-Laws

Quick note on the power of brother-in-laws and the lifelines they bring. I love all my broinlaws (every one of them is quite amazing in their own way) and, having grown up with no brothers, find them all to be amazing blessings.

Becoming Batman, Teaching, and Adoptive Kids

Here’s a question you don’t typically consider. Could the expectation of sight in a blind person allow them to actually see? Could expectation be that powerful? Turns out the answer to that question is that yes, expectations can allow the blind to see. I’m not going to get into the details of this incredible story. […]