Review: Storytelling (Engaging Family and Community)

Nov 3, 2012

Key Elements of a story:

  • Connect with people beyond those immediately involved
  • Something out the ordinary (of course, defining “ordinary” is a bit of a moving target).
  • Recent

For a district, look to make stories in the following areas:

  • Localize a current trend, event, or holiday
  • Tradition and history
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Meeting state mandates or district goals
  • Noteworthy speaker visits

Aside: New Albany is finding short video clips to be more successful with their community. For example, when on the ballet, having your superintendent in the middle of a packed cafeteria explaining that they’re 700 students over capacity.

Traditional Media (Print and Broadcast)

  • Uniformed style is helpful.
  • If you have something unique to tell, push it in traditional media outlets.

Social Media

  • Define your channel’s purpose. Not sure exactly what this means (and deserves future thought). If your social media channels (Twitter & Facebook for example) push out the same thing, get rid of one of your channels(?).
  • Listen, engage, and then post
  • Facebook – community really likes the pictures. Adding quotes on the images.
  • Student Worker is key to this. They need to be identified.
  • Need to change policies – opt out for AUP and Photo “Do not photo” lists.
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