Review: BYOD and Blended Learning Project Timeline

Nov 1, 2012


Develop a timeline with sequential steps to implement BYOT, 1:1, and Blended Learning

Early Steps

  • First, understand 21st century skills, life, and college and career.
  • Also complete a needs assessment survey.
    • Building wireless capacity
    • Home internet access (paper)
    • Teacher tech skills
  • Create a core planning group. Make sure you have novice technology teachers in that group. Should have an administrator who is empowered to make decisions, otherwise it’s a waste of time.
  • Select model of instruction (iNACOL)
  • Develop teacher competencies


  • Update district policies (make sure to look at insurance and privacy)
  • Determine your LMS
  • Inform your community
  • Teachers receive mobile technology. They get PD.
  • Develop use zones on your campus
  • Teachers develop their online content
  • Professional development onf classroom management

End Steps

  • Allow students to bring devices / provide devices
  • Use assessment tools. Have PD
  • Cover communication tools
  • Continual PD for all players
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