Weekly Learnings for May 6th. Teen Brain Edition.

gray and orange plastic robot toy

As a young teacher we are always told to post our classroom rules at the start of the school year. Rule number one was always “Practice Common Sense”. The problem was what was common to me was rather uncommon to my students. Halfway through the year, I covered the first rule with a bumper sticker. It said, “There they go. I must follow them as I am their leader.”

Gotcha Day. 2023.

Renee. Kelly. Monica.

It is essential that every father pause and reflect on anniversaries of importance for their children if only to find humor and purpose in the 8 text messages from their daughters asking, “what’s for dinner, it’s our gotcha day, why aren’t we going to Green Papaya?” Green Papaya was not on the menu. I made […]