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Long Way from Where We Started

Back in 2012 I wrote a post called “Rumblings on Future Ideas of a District Portal.” The headaches of education software were readily apparent even then. We could do better. This morning Chris and […]

OETC Presentation: OER (From Creation to Delivery)

(Presentation given at OETC18) Open Education Resources leverage the expertise of educators to develop and deliver high-quality content to students. This session will cover a framework for implementing OERs in a district. It’s a […]

A little bit of a bonus for continual fear.

Back in 2001, Houston Independent School District gave me a $10,000 sign on bonus to teach history. History. The story of the past. An exploration of causes that explain our present and, hopefully, a […]

I. Starting the OER Journey

As a student, my experience with High School Math involved massive problems sets, 50 minute overhead projections that lulled me to sleep, and the slow monotonous drone of the quadratic equations coming from a […]

Future Ready Because of the Past?

“Human behavior can be genuinely purposive because only human beings guide their behavior by a knowledge of what happened before they were born and a preconception of what may happen after they are dead; […]