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Automation and Curriculum

Education in an Automated Future

This series of posts derives from a presentation I gave with Keith Millard, the superintendent of Batavia Local Schools. Delivered during the 2019 Ohio School…
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Sidewalk Code

The Distraction Free Daughter

A fun post where I explore the intersection of fatherhood and entrepreneurship (and solving the problem of distractions and technology).
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Second Chance

Second Chances

A late summer sinus coded hit me upside the head this weekend. While I still managed to cut a small forest down in our side…
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The Machines are Good at This

Cross Summary from Discover Abre. We spend a lot of time in education talking about the promise of technology in the classroom. Terms like “personalized…
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Learning Posts

As I jump into my new job as VP of Instruction, I’m finding it helpful to create a system for tracking what I learn.
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