OSBA: Key Note Speaker Yong Zhao

pd Nov 12, 2013

Opens with a good joke. Nice.

The question always asked is how are our schools doing? How do we make schools more effective? Zhao is curious as to “effective at what”? Leave children behind where? Why race to the top? What’s at the top? A cliff that kids fall off?

Fun Quotes

“I’ve been labeled as the guy against the common core.”

“My village core curriculum was drive a water buffalo and carry heavy stuff. I failed it.”

Whether you can be ready for college and career doesn’t matter. What matters if you can keep your kid out of your basement.

Unemployment rates among college graduates is huge in every country. No one is having great luck with college graduates. At the same time we have many jobs that are unfilled.  The real issue is education. Education follows an old paradigm.

We’ve always run a race between education and technology.

Should education be matched to talents required? My question is can we actually define the talents required in the future. Saying “creative talents” is a bit ambiguous.

Awesome sausage making slide. The general idea being you take individual differences, cultural diversity, curiosity, passion, creativity, etc push them through schooling to give “employable skills”. This is the current model of education. Employable skills were relatively homogeneous and easy to predict.

What’s required for the future?

Creativity. Uniqueness. Entrepreneurship.

You don’t hire employees to follow orders any more. That’s an outsourcable problem. Give it to the machines. Your organization needs “intra”preneurs. The 9 to 5 job is disappearing.

If that’s the case. We need a better safety net.

Surpassing Shanghai is not a big dream.

Ask the question, what is the cost.

If you don’t value something, you have no interest. There will be no growth.



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