I Love Finneytown

finneytown May 19, 2022

The definition of an awesome neighborhood.

Put on shoes. Attach your dog to the leash. Cue up the playlist. Hit play.

Hit pause.

Run into 20 neighbors. Discuss the weather. Talk about Church and God. Hug the 80-year-old neighbor whose husband just died. High five the Nepali immigrant toddler. Talk about dogs. Discuss the challenge of distributing the proper amount of mulch. Laugh about allergies and point out the pine trees and pollen. Plan a fire gathering. Cheer for the senior who just graduated. Cry with laughter (and a little bit of sorrow) with the other adoptive parents in the neighborhood. Coo at one of the new babies on the block. And more.

Get home an hour later than expected.

Love #finneytown and #springfieldohio


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