eKids ([email protected])

Sep 18, 2009

eKids is a relatively new program we’ve started at Oak Hills that aims to engage and excite students who are interested in technology and its integration in every day life.

There a many goals with the eKids program:

  1. Engage students who have an affinity towards technology
  2. Assist peers AND staff in using and understanding technology
  3. Develop skill sets that can lead to a career in technology
  4. Think Big

Curriculum Used

Oak Hills bases its eKids curriculum off of GenYES. There are essentially 8 modules that students work with over the course of 8 semesters. For example, module 1 might be about cyber safety while module 2 is about communication and technology.

In addition to the modules, students complete a TedXYouth event at the beginning of each year.TEDxYouth events are founded on the TED organization’s concept of “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

The 2011/2012 school year was the first annual TEDxYouth event for Oak Hills.

Reflection and Role in eKids

I love this program. It fills a corner in education that, at least in Oak Hills, wasn’t filled. To walk into an eKids class is to see students highly engaged asking really cool questions (sample: “How can we make buildings that regenerate themselves?”). I also think a large part of our future economy will be based on technology, so it’s critical that students begin to explore technology as a career path.

I play a supporting role in eKids, assisting teachers and students to learn new technologies and developing projects.

I also presented as a main speaker for the TEDxYouth event!

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