Gotcha Day. 2023.

Renee. Kelly. Monica.

It is essential that every father pause and reflect on anniversaries of importance for their children if only to find humor and purpose in the 8 text messages from their daughters asking, “what’s for dinner, it’s our gotcha day, why aren’t we going to Green Papaya?” Green Papaya was not on the menu. I made […]

Innovation and Outcomes

A truism of entrepreneurship: You will wear a lot of hats. It’s the start of the year and I want to kick things off with a reflection on titles. I have a new one.

Platform Housekeeping

orange plastic blocks on white surface

I do some cleanup during the New Year break. Both my actual writing and the frameworks and practices of writing. This past week I moved back to WordPress after using Ghost for a few years.

On Wonderful Customers

I’m coming off a 3+ weeks binge of meeting with Abre customers and running a lot of school startup trainings. Some thoughts.