Gotcha Day. 2023. The Son Edition.

We’re struggling with the one-word answers.

My son. He’s 16. He’s a teen. And our conversations basically involve me asking a question (trying to engage) and him serving up a singular response. We operate in binaries.

I am reminded of when we learned about his existence. We were in Colombia. We just completed our (moderately) traumatic week with our (soon-to-be) daughters. And the social worker dropped this nugget:

“So this seems to be going well. Maybe you’d like to adopt their younger brother?”

Younger brother? This person didn’t exist in the family history. But maybe we could adopt him?

It was, in the end, a no-brainer. The binary of “Yes” vs “No” was clear. Of course, we would adopt him. We loved him from that first moment of knowing.

I am so proud of my son. He’s reliable, trustworthy, and loving. He’s maturing in ways that make me hopeful for the future. I can’t wait to see who he will become as he transitions into adulthood. And I so love that I get to be his Papi.

Happy gotcha day little man (who is no longer little).

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