Gotcha Day. 2023.

It is essential that every father pause and reflect on anniversaries of importance for their children if only to find humor and purpose in the 8 text messages from their daughters asking, “what’s for dinner, it’s our gotcha day, why aren’t we going to Green Papaya?” Green Papaya was not on the menu. I made them Chief Boyardee Pizza. This, too, is an act of love, as is every meal I prepare for my hungry chicks in the evening. Chief Boyardee is a perfectly fine and totally suitable analogy to parenting. It gets shit done.

Thirteen years! That’s how long Renee and I have been official parents. And what a weird and fantastic way to become parents. These two crazy, beautiful, and lovely girls. They are, without doubt, a blessing (and Lord, how I love them). The journey is crazy and challenging (as it is for many parents), but the destination is a place of wonder.

Today I walked Monica through her practical math. It covers important basics. Like budgeting, planning, and (realistic) pay for various gigs. In short, adulting. She graduates this year. She will be adulting. She’ll kill it.

Kelly is not far behind. For her, it’s working with kids. She wants to become a teacher. She will be an insanely incredible teacher. I look at her (when I’m not ready to drop-kick her) and see pure talent.

These girls. I’m proud to be their Papi. I am so proud of them.

Happy gotcha day.

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