Education in an Automated Future

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This series of posts derives from a presentation I gave with Keith Millard, the superintendent of Batavia Local Schools. Delivered during the 2019 Ohio School Board Conference, our presentation was very well received and generated much conversation with a packed audience. Educators and board members are always thinking about the future and how best to serve children. While I’m not sure we had many answers to the questions, we made solid headways in framing the discussion. Considering the future for our children is always important.

Part 1: What is Automation and Where is it Taking Us?

Advances in technology. Increasing automation in all sectors of society. And the creative destruction of capitalism. What does this mean for K-12 Education? This is part 1 of a series of posts derived from a presentation delivered during the 2019 Ohio School Board Conference.

Part 2: Exploring Critical Questions

We may not know precisely how automation will affect the future of work. We do know it will have a rather significant impact. What, then, does this mean for K-12 education?

Part 3: Now What? Some Ideas

Today’s kindergartners will likely enter the workforce around 2037. With automation quickly changing the world of work (and the world at large), what might education look like in order to adapt to the future?

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