Questions for January

Heading into January, here are a few of the questions I’ll be wrestling with professionally and personally professionally. Hopefully I’ll post about some of the search for answers.

What is a fair cost for Chromebook support?

I’m in the process of writing an RFP for IT services and this is a pretty critical question as we continue to invest in Chromebooks. I’ve seen a wide variety of answers to this question. Mostly though, people don’t really know given that Chromebooks are pretty new to the scene (and I’m really curious to how much life we can get out of them).

Which professions will be replaced by robots?

I’m giving a presentation at OETC looking at this issue. Sort of scary (the question, not the presentation). And I find it curious that educators don’t ask this question, especially given that we’re in the business of preparing kids for the future.

What’s happening to MOOCs?

Related to the previous question I suppose. MOOCs seem to be imploding. Are MOOCs 2.0 around the corner?

Is it ok to distract my kids with games (as long as they’re educational) so I can get work done on snow days?

Because otherwise that OETC presentation won’t get finished.


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