Review: Performance Assessment Pilot Project

Pre-Note: I’m @ a RttT conference at Columbus (sponsored by Ohio Dept of Education). These collection of posts are the running commentary and thoughts.

Short Review

First, what is a performance assessment? Most folks think of it as a review of a product or portfolio.

For this pilot, learning separated from assessment portion for this pilot project. The question is how do you measure learning products? Very hard to reliable to score them. Assessments are conducted online (makes sense I suppose, given the way we’re going).

Learning Tasks:

  • Specific learning objectives embedded in the learning objectives. These learning objectives are what gets assessed.
  • Learning tasks involve skills(?) that are built over time. Then the assessment happens.
  • Analogy: Driving with a driving instructor over time before going to do you driver’s test

Aside: Really, really wish all the information was available online DURING presentation as there’s quite a lot information and acronyms tossed around here (“There will be OPAPP like DYADs”…huh?)

Fun Quotes/Ideas

Kids are tech savvy in many areas (texting, blogging, Facebook), but this doesn’t translate into skills needed for performance based assessment.

PARCC (which will be delivered online) requires some serious attention to technology infrastructure. Through these pilot programs, ODE/Everyone in the picture it’s becoming apparent that some districts aren’t equipped well. Wireless coverage is key.

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