Which you is you to the certain who?

Generally speaking, my online presence (that presence that produces, not necessarily consumes) falls into three categories.


These are posts, retweets, reflections that center around education and technology. In short, the realm of misterv.net.


My wife and I maintain an active family blog. The blog started as a way to document our journey as adoptive parents. Now it’s a place to share how the Vander Veen’s are navigating through life. Out of all the blogs, it get’s the most traffic.


While probably the least active (who has time to write for 3 blogs!), I sometimes add to a personal blog that, for the most part, focused on politics and faith.

The Issue

WordPress blogs allow me to create a nice silo effect (and, I might argue, siloed audience).

But now we have the issue of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

If I run a Twitter feed in my professional blog, do I allow personal/political tweets interact? Or family observations? What about a particular dense retweet of a theological discussion?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m trying to keep the three mes private (if I’m online, anyone can find me). I’m just curious as to what picture (or shades) this paints to readers, employers, community, parents, students, daughters, etc.

It’s a different world.

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