Wait – February?

I used to post on this blog every 2 weeks (at the very least). What happened?

To be blunt: my job got really really busy.

And that isn’t a complaint. I love my job immensly. It’s awesome.

But I haven’t spent much time sharing observations and articles because, well, I haven’t had time. Today I had a moment where I thought “you really need to post this”. You see, we’re piloting a complete online health course. Generally speaking, it’s going well. I’m learning tons. What not to do, what to emphasize, how to change midstream to get results. Good stuff, all of it.

I need to keep track of this. I need a few moments to reflect and ponder so I can get better at this job. To blow it out of the water.

So misterv is back on board. My goal: 1 post a week (at least). Who knows, perhaps I’ll carry the same goal over into zjvv.net.

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