Link Post: April 28

A wonkish look at the development of mobile apps for the education community…a good bit technical, but for those interested….

The Penny Determination Algorithm…in which Mr Meyer asks how we should be asking our kids to think.

Does Teacher Tenure have a Future?…in which Scott McLeod thinks probably not.

College might not pay…I know, it’s a heretical statement, but read this very thoughtful post (with lots of graphs/eye candy) that makes a compelling case for how college might not be worth it.

Genes or Teacher…a meta study that examine which has more influence in students’ reading ability – their genes or the quality of teacher? Very, very interesting.

We have met the enemy and the enemy is PowerPoint…but I suspect we’ve always known that.

Does the fourth amendment apply to data in the cloud?…I’m concernedwith the idea of our current Supreme Court going Ted Stevens on this.

We don’t trust the government, but we like government websites…one interesting conclusion, people who interacted with more government websites came away with a more positive view of the government. Gets back to what I’ve always thought, transparency is good for democracy.

Why we need to learn the language of data…in which we see that ignorance on statistics is becoming a political problem because, “If you don’t understand statistics, you don’t know what’s going on — and you can’t tell when you’re being lied to.”

eLearning hits barriers in the US…geez, did you know that China and Mexico have digitized it’s entire collection of k-12 courses? Try and pull that off in the US and you run into the fact that education is a state/local issue.

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