Link Post: March 19

Study on how college students use Wikipedia…like many of us, college students use wikipedia as a starting point for research (but not as their research).

Video games may hinder learning for boys…so the Legend of Zelda is the reason I can’t do long division?

The Future of Education…I realize this a frequent link that appears in my link posts – but it’s still fun to try and read the tea leaves and see where our field is evolving towards. Here’s an artsy prediction by The Ed Techie.

Awayfind…here’s a nifty tool that lets you set filtering criteria on your email so that if you get sent an “important” email while away from your computer, you’ll receive a text or call on your phone. Now maybe you don’t want this kind of connectivity, but if you do, it’s there!

The End of Publishing…fantastic, simple video that makes you smile at the creativity. Here’s an excellent demonstration of how video can be a powerful tool in the classroom…and another argument for unblocking youtube!

55 articles on Twitter and Learning…in case you’re looking for reasons for using twitter in the classroom.

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