Link Post: March 12

A university dedicated to the future singularity…it does actually exist! And apparently it has quite the concentration of brains (for those curious as to what the singularity is, think of it as the technological rapture – either utopian or dystopian depending on your views of humanity)

Many Eyes and visualizing data…lately I’ve been intrigued by the manipulation of data into visually appealing (and understandable) formats. Here’s a fantastic website dedicated to displaying data well. I can see a half a dozen uses for all subject areas…pretty cool.

Google Custom Search…say you’re a teacher who’s having their students conduct research. You want students to search the web for information – but you don’t want them to search the entire web (ie…research paper mills, etc). Google provides the answer! Custom search allows you to specify which urls Google should search through – and lets you embed your search easily into any web page (ie Blackboard, WordPress, etc).

TEDxNYED…the TED series always blow the mind a bit and this local variation focuses on education. Every once and while some REALLY BIG EVENT ripples across the education blogosphere and causes a feeding frenzy among the best and brightest. TEDxNYED is such an event. The site’s still being updated, but quite a few speakers are posting their content independently.

Easy. Fun. Free….in which Dan Myer tests this hypothesis: If [x] is going to change teaching practice at scale, then [x] needs to beeasy, fun, and free for both the teacher and her students. [x] needs to be all three of those things at the same time.

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