Link Post: March 4

Daniel Pink on Carrots and Sticks…a long article getting at the science of motivation and how school policy is going in the opposite direction of what the science says.

1 to 1 computing programs is only as effective their teachers…and this is a surprise?

Won a battle, still loosing the war…if you haven’t already seen OK Go’s new video, you have to check this out. This is just crying to be used in every science/physics class. I enjoyed the student commentary provided by Dan Myer. Note: It is a YOUTUBE video, so those of you trying to access it at your schools…good luck. But seriously, check it out.

Literature in 60 second…short post on the website 60 Second Recap which seeks to engage teens in literature using a brief, visual recap of key books. What’s interesting about the clips is how well it integrates graphics, relevant questions, and scripting. I can envision more teachers creating such content in the future (it’s certainly memorable).

Building a better teacher…one of the good things about NCLB is that it’s generated a ton of data and, when you have data, you can start asking questions and testing hypotheses. The biggest question we face in our profession is what makes a good teacher? And don’t give me some fluff answer. I want an answer with some empirical evidence. This GREAT article is a long read that posits some thoughtful answers.

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