Link Post: February 19

Grand Unified Theory of N00bs…an incredible article on people who just don’t get basic computer concepts. This one’s important from a school district’s perspective (as in how the district interacts with the community). Additionally, part of the article very thoughtfully tackles why computer education in schools is terrible (for a bit more of my 2 cents, see this post).

Doug Johnson contemplates how to avoid printing and save districts gobs of money. Of interesting note is his reflection on how much google apps may end up saving his district.

Go ahead kids and bash those teachers on Facebook…a judge rules that students are protected by the 1st amendment when they criticize their teacher on Facebook.

Dan Myers Annual Report is published…there is a certain sub group of individuals who like to parse their year out and sift through it to see what conclusions can be made. This particular way of parsing started, I believe, with Nick Felton. Anyway, I find this interesting because it could play into a social studies lesson, a philosophy lesson, and a math lesson. An interesting way to become introspective.

Writing for the Web…and completely fantastic collection of everything known about writing for the web. I would consider this a must “glance through” and file for later for every teacher.

A short list of Netiquette…a nice, short summary of internet etiquette that I wouldn’t mind folding into what we’re doing at Oak Hills.

QR Codes in learning…I’ve a small group of relatives who believe that QR codes are a sign of the end times, but here’s a random post on how they might be used in education.

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