Link Post: January 8

Fewer high school students take computer education classes…American high school students typically have a wide understanding of technology, but a very shallow comprehension of it as well. This bodes ill for our future (and how much do I wish I’d taken a computer programming class in high school).

And the NY Times writes about how Computer Science is affecting every job…and shouldn’t we be training students on programming (note: not how to use an excel document).

Jay Mathews gripes about teachers rejecting the internet…and honestly, how often do teachers post their homework assignments to the web?

Keeping America’s Edge…a thoughtful analysis of the past century and an interesting (and somewhat scary) explanation of the futures we face as a country. This is a tough article and takes time to chew over. Interesting recommendation: deregulate schools.

Legislators wake up to the fact that open courseware can save a lot of money…but won’t those big (lobbying) textbook companies loose money?

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