Annotated Link Post: December 14

6 Practical Reasons why Art Ed is Important…written by my personal brain/education hero, Dan Willingham.

Horses out the barn…in which Doug Johnson lists trends in education that are becoming reality. Very well said.

More Honor Students are going to Community Colleges…because you can save a boatload of money. Another example of how economics are changing the learning playing field.

How much do dropouts cost a city?…a study that opens with this whopper: “If half the students who dropped out of the class of 2008 had graduated, they would have generated $4.1 billion more in wages and $536 million in state and local taxes nationally in one average year of their working lives.”

Retaining Next-Gen Teachers is an impossible dream…a very sad and pessimistic post on why schools (particularly public, inner-city) won’t keep next-generation teachers in the classroom. The post has a ring of truth to me (although it’s countered by the current economic realities and the joy of having a steady job). Hmmmm, food for thought.

Blackboard and Desire2Learn drop the knives…lawsuits are dropped and both companies agree to cross-license their technology. The question of whether they should have the patents in the 1st place remains unresolved.

Pittsburgh looks at taxing tuition…interesting article on how Pittsburgh is looking at fulfilling its pension dues. Low risk tax increase (students don’t typically vote locally).

The Idiots Guide to Google Wave…because – at first – it’s hard to wrap your mind around. I still can’t figure if this will be one of those ground breaking technologies that will complete reshape the technological/societal world over the next decade…or a complete flop. I do give props to Google for trying to take on the antiquated technology of email.

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