Annotated Link Post: November 23rd

Who owns the lesson plans?…a NY Times article that details the budding market place of teacher lesson plans. Hmmm, wonder how much I could get for my American History PPTs?

Robert Cringley joins other prophets in predicting the downfall of post-2ndary education…great quote: “What drives the education industry is producing degrees while what drives the computer industry is producing products and services.” Substitute “computer” for any industry and you got cause for concern.

Wikis in the work place…an interesting article that tackles common miss-perceptions people have of using wikis for work. A good read, particularly because I think this will be the future trend in education. It just makes sense.

6th Sense Technologies…umm, okay, I’m a science fiction geek so I knew this was coming. I just didn’t realize it was here. When this technology starts coming into education, school is going to be so much fun.

100 Ways to use Facebook in the classroom…yes, Facebook can be used for education.

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